How does Michelle get such great abs?!

I reckon Michelle Keegan was, in the words of Lady Gaga, born this way.

But I still gasp every time I catch a glimpse of her stomach. Which is, quite literally, as flat as a pancake.

I wonder if she eats pancakes?!

Anywho, take a look at these pics of Mich out at the weekend with fiancé Mark Wright and his parents Carol and Mark Wright (yes, same name), with a cute crop top and belly on show.

I think the last time my stomach looked like that, I was, like… 12?

Good work, Michelle.

The Corrie star’s secret, she’s told us, is that she watches what she eats and goes to the gym.

‘I like working my abs,’ she says, ‘I do a variety of core exercises and use a clip off YouTube called 8 Minute Abs.

‘I feel really good about my tum if I’ve been doing that a lot.’

Yeah, A LOT!

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