Some say it's not very Girl Power of Michelle Keegan to take Mark Wright's surname when they marry. I disagree!

Newly engaged Now columnist Michelle Keegan has already started thinking about the BIG questions every bride needs to consider ahead of her wedding to Mark Wright.

Y’know, what kind of dress to wear, where to go on honeymoon, whether to sit Auntie Maud on the singles table and most controversially whether or not to take Mark‘s surname once they’re Mr and Mrs.

Michelle has said she’ll go down the traditional route and change her name to Michelle Wright when they tie the knot.

But it’s a decision that often has people getting their knickers in a twist about whether or not a bride should give up their name. And as Una Healy announced on Twitter this weekend that she’s taking her hubby’s surname – becoming Una Foden – it’s a hot topic in the Now office.

Should we really be swapping our surnames as easily as we change our shoes? What about Girl Power? Geri Halliwell didn’t squeeze herself into that Union Jack dress for nothing, right?

Personally, and please don’t burn your Spice Girls back catalogue when I say this, I don’t think it matters. Whenever friends have come to be anguishing about this anti-feminist decision, I tell them not to worry. Just do what I do – use both!

I use my maiden name for work and keep my married name for when I’m kicking about in my onesie at the weekends. It’s like being a secret agent and having a double identity (well, that’s what I like to think anyway).

Michelle‘s already forged a great career under her current name. And what’s to stop her continuing to use Keegan in her acting roles, but using her married name for private stuff like paying the gas bill and booking a hotel for a dirty weekend with her hubby?

One thing’s for sure, lucky Mark seems to have found his Mrs Wright.

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