Nothing to distract us from Miley's Cyrus's poor vocals as she sang like a goat


When I first clocked Miley Cyrus cloaked head to foot on The X Factor in a gold Marc Jacobs slinky dress that swamped her, I thought at last, she’s covering up!

It’s always a worry when you hear Miley‘s appearing on telly when there’s young and impressionable children in the room. Thank god she actually wore something for once. I could relax. Am sure the husband was disappointed though.

Why on earth was she was perched on top of what was meant to be a sand dune? I have seen better set designs at school plays. She belted out her new single Wrecking Ball – a song which I hate to admit I like, as I am not an advocator of Miley and her antics.

Unfortunatley for her, and us it was a pretty dire performance with poor vocals. With no pvc underwear or twerking to distract us from her voice, she was laid bare.

ITV bosses had warned her that any inappropriate behaviour would not be tolerated and that it is a family show.

After Miley‘s last public performance where she lit a suspicious looking cigarette at the European Music Awards those X Factor execs must have been feeling pretty edgy.

A backlashing on Twitter during the show just criticising her vocals just goes to show she can’t win whether she covers up or gets her bits out and misbehaves.

Maybe she should just do us all a favour and go away.

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