Pregnant model reacts to criticism over her small baby bump


Well, THIS isn’t how a pregnant bump should look at eight months is it? It’s so small. It’s so muscly. It’s so wrong.

Except it isn’t wrong, is it?

Model Sarah Stage has sent the world into meltdown by keeping her 1.3m Instagram followers up-to-date with lingerie shots of her naked baby bump throughout her pregnancy.

She is now just a week away from hitting the nine month mark and, while her tummy has grown over the weeks, it’s fair to say that it is still frigging tiny. In fact, there’s even a hint of a six-pack lurking around her baby bump. Oh. My. God.

The pictures have gone viral and sent the world into meltdown. Reactions to Sarah’s tummy have, naturally, been mixed. Some have marvelled at how amazing it looks while others have commented on how unhealthy she must be, with accusations she’s starving her unborn child in her selfish bid to look good.

As a woman myself who nursed a small bump during my first pregnancy (okay, admittedly not THAT small) I feel the need to defend Sarah.

When you’re pregnant you quickly learn to accept the fact that everyone you meet has an opinion on your bump. Some of it is nice (‘look at your cute bump’) some of it is less nice (‘yep, you’re definitely having a boy, you can tell by the enormous width of it’.)

The worst? I remember the moment a midwife tutted at my stomach when I was around 32 weeks and told me I needed to ‘eat more’ because my bump was ‘too small’.

I went home crying, paranoid my unborn child was at risk. Had I been too healthy with my eating choices? Had I worried too much about piling on the pounds? Had I done something wrong?

The truth, as it turns out, was no. A quick scan a few days later revealed that my baby was ABSOLUTELY fine – further backed up when my little girl arrived on her due date weighing a healthy 7lb 4oz.

Sarah herself says she has put on around 20 pounds during her pregnancy, a perfectly healthy weight for a woman of her height (5ft 9in) and small frame. The NHS website reports that a woman should expect to put on between 22lbs to 26lbs by the time they give birth.

And today she defended her little bump. Speaking on Good Morning America she said: ‘As long as the baby is healthy I don’t think anything else matters. That should be the most important thing.’

Responding to negative comments, such as ‘where’s this baby hiding?’ she said: ‘I don’t know how someone could say something like that to a pregnant woman. I think that is so rude. My baby is healthy and we are happy.’

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