Katie Price reveals her seven-year-old daughter Princess knows she got Kieran Hayler to take a lie detector test. It's not right, says writer Sarah Tetteh


She’s every inch the modern mum – playing out her life on social media as she takes back her cheating husband Kieran Hayler and prepares to move on with her life.

All very admirable, I’m sure, but come on Katie Price, must you share every intimate detail of what happened with your children?

In an interview with The Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous magazine at the weekend Katie proudly announced that her older children, Harvey, 12, Junior, nine, and Princess, seven – are aware of the minutiae of what’s happened.

This is a Pricey dimension, A Whole New World, where anything goes, and in Katie’s case it really does.

‘They’ve witnessed everything because when it happened, we were all together on holiday,’ she said. ‘I was in pieces. The kids know he took a lie detector test.

‘I’m also aware if I didn’t tell them what was going on, they’d read all about it online or hear it in the playground, and I want to be the one telling them the truth.’

Here’s the bit that strikes me as completely OTT, Katie continued: ‘I was saying someone was good looking on I’m A Celebrity! the other day and Princess looked at Kieran and said: “Don’t worry, you’re not going because you took a lie detector test.” Even Harvey says it to him. It’s all in the open. That’s the way it is in our house. They love Kieran and none of them wanted him to go.’

So instead of watching Disney film classics, they are discussing their step-dad’s infidelity.
Erm, OK.

For Pete’s (pardon the pun) sake, Princess is only
seven-years-old and she is commenting on a very adult situation.

In some ways Katie does have a point, she doesn’t want her kids to hear about it in the playground first. Fair enough. But shouldn’t she just tell them the basics of what went on, perhaps to protect their little ears, instead of give them the nuts and bolts of the full story in all its glory?

Every parent will have their opinion on this, but protecting your child’s innocence for as long as possible is surely the way to go on this one?

Let them be young and have their fun, they don’t need to be embroiled in their parents drama too. #snapsfingers

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