There’s something about Lauren Harries – I love her!

Lauren Harries might be as loopy as a bucketful of spaghetti hoops but there’s just something about her that’s simply captivating.

I can’t quite put my finger on why exactly, but she just has that, er, je ne sais quoi. A Kate Middleton kind of charisma.

But Lauren is not only glam, she’s kooky and she’s defnitely complex!

What is it that makes me love the Celebrity Big Brother contestant so very much?

For one, I love the fact that Ms Harries has more outfit changes than a Sugababes line-up. The Duchess of Cambridge must be quaking in her boots about being knocked off the top of the style lists.

Lauren is not a woman who simply throws on a sweatshirt.

Ew, heaven forbid. No, she’ll slip into a gorgeous minidress with a glimpse of suspender to do a tidy up, a full-on red carpet gown to do the washing-up and a sassy Farrah Fawcett-type 70s wide-brimmed hat to sunbathe in!

But her most sensational flash fash moment was when she slid on some black silk gloves (accessorised with extra large ring) to massage Ron Atkinson‘s icky trotters! What a ledge!

Lauren is so fashion-forward that I’m sure it won’t be long before Cara Delevingne ditches Rihanna to hang out with her and steal her style.

But what pulled at my heartstrings most was her heartbreaking confession to housemate Courtney Stodden that apart from her family, she has no real friends in the world and that she considered her one of her closest pals in the house.

Courtney says she will remain friends with Lauren in the real world and I hope she sticks to her word – because Lauren is a fragile soul who has faced many trials over the years.

People have been fast to poke fun at Lauren, balked at her appearance, laughed at her transition from kooky antiques munchkin to superglam fashionista!

But give her a break!

Lauren is a gentle, vulnerable individual who is lonely and looking for acceptance and ultimately a friend.

I sincerely hope that whatever Lauren is looking for in the house, she finds.

If she doesn’t, then I hope she understands that her participation in the best ever CBB has touched the hearts of the nation and that she is an inspiration to us all! Word!

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