The Great British Bake Off is finally feeding us the eye candy

OK, so I never actually fancied Paul Hollywood, but while I was salivating over cakes in past Great British Bake Off series he’d make do as a slightly more savoury side order.

But now I don’t give a damn about the tarts as there’s a ginger stud muffin in town who’s making me hungry for Wednesday nights.


I’ll admit, my feelings have divided the Now team, with some gasping in disbelief and blaming my constant need for cakes blurring my better judgment, while others are like: Well yeah, duh, he’s hotter than the sun.’

So for those of you who are on the fence about Iain Hotters, or *narrows eyes* find him unattractive, here are six reasons why the Great British Bake Off contestant really is the hottest thing on our TV screens.

HE’S NORTHERN IRISH: According to, ahem, me the Northern Irish accent is the sexiest accessory a man can have, all gravelly and grrrr.

HE’S GINGER: I’m going as far to rank Iain up there with Prince Harry AND Greg Rutherford when it comes to being red hot. I kid you not.

HE HAS A BEARD: OK, so this was a bit of an issue for me at first. Usually beards make me feel a bit sick and my face itches at the thought of kissing a man with one. But there’s always the chance that Iain will have a bit of cake in his so I don’t mind taking the hit.

HE’S A NAKED RAMBLER: I’ve seen the photographic evidence of Iain rambling in the nude while in Australia and New Zealand. Let’s just say all that baking certainly hasn’t gone to his abs.

HE’S A BUILDER: That’s dead manly.

HE’S A BUILDER WHO BAKES: That’s marriage material.

Have I just inadvertently proposed to him? Um, maybe.

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