Rachel Drees is pretty much the definition of an 'Epic Mum'

Rachel Drees is the creator of these incredible school lunches. Originally from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, she now lives in British Columbia and is wonder Mum to Caleb, James and Dayton.

Rachel joins the wave of parents that are now packing in an extra bit of fun into their children’s lunches. And these incredible ideas have taken the Internet by storm with the recent success of the Lunchbox Dad, who also comes up with epic ideas to keep his daughter entertained on her lunch break. He said, ‘It all started, because I wanted Abby to know we were thinking about her during the day.’ Awwww!

Their ideas and creativity will put most people to shame when they see the amount of effort that they have put in to making these lunches.

But Rachel told us, ‘Some of the lunches I’ve made obviously take a fair amount of time, but simple ideas like drawing a smiley face on the peel of a Satsuma, or adding a little note in every now and again takes seconds and the boys really love it.’

The most amazing thing is that Rachel doesn’t think her creations are even that good. Describing the lunches as just something she threw together. Pah! It would probably take us all day to make something this creative.

We’re truly inspired, from the Olaf sandwiches to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle wraps, even the childless members of the office want to start making packed lunches so they can give it a try.

And how sweet are the wrapped up the boxes with positive messages and lollipops, making their lunches feel like gifts, they’re so cool, we want them!!!

We love the Christmas and Halloween themed lunches too, and the Back To School, 1st day back pack. Amazing work! Have a flick through the gallery above to check out all Rachel’s #LunchSpo

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Want even more ideas? Check out the Lunchbox Dad here www.lunchboxdad.com

Lydia Anne Thompson