BLOG: Sarah Bradbury thinks her and Cheryl are classified as bezza’s now. So watch out Kimberley Walsh!

At around 19:42, there was a low murmur and buzz in the atmosphere as she arrived. The lady in question was of course Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

She was even more beautiful in real life wearing a black Narcisco Rodriguez jumpsuit Chezza even showed off a little side boob! Fellow journalists around me looked at her in awe as the 32- year-old X Factor judge entered the room she had at Aqua in Central London in celebration of her new fragrance launch, Storm Flower Noir.

As she walked around the room greeting and chatting with everyone, I could feel my moment with Cheryl approaching rapidly. I didn’t want to rush the Nation’s Sweetheart but in all the excitement, I realised that I really needed the toilet but didn’t want to miss my chance! As she approached me, I chatted briefly about what she thought was #TrendingNow. Her response? ‘I’ll tell you what’s not trending now and it them jelly shoes!’ – good job I’d changed out of mine moments before eh Chez!

I asked politely for a photo with her and seeing as I stand around 5’11 without heels (so around 6’3 in the ones I wore last night) I towered over the delicate beauty. And yes, when I uploaded the picture of us together on Facebook, one of my friends mentioned that I made her look ‘small’. She turned and asked me if I was a model and I was obviously flattered and I’m pretty sure she was hitting on me. I kid, but the photos captured the moment beautifully. I’m looking at awe and laughing with her and then she’s doing the same in the next.

It was the most surreal and hilarious moment all in one and she really was the woman my 12-year-old self wanted to meet. Gorgeous, polite and hilarious.

Without sounding too greedy, I really wanted a selfie with her – who wouldn’t! But the venue was really dark so I waited until she was in a well-lit area to get my moment again with her and she was all too kind to oblige (there was a queue of others who too wanted a selfie with the ledge).

So when I approached her and said ‘Cheryl, I’m really sorry but do you mind getting a selfie with me?’ She looked me in the eye and replied with ‘of course you can Cara’ – she was making a slight reference to the fact I apparently look a little like the model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne – now she’s really hitting on me, right? We took a couple before I thanked her and ran off like a schoolgirl in glee.

As the event was coming to an end, Cheryl was ready to leave and thanked everyone for coming and made sure she spent time with everyone that attended the event. As she passed me and I was sat in a booth with fellow journalists chatting about our newfound love for Chezza, she tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Bye Cara’ and winked at me. I think a part of me died.

And that was it. After waiting 12 years to meet Cheryl, I wasn’t disappointed and not only that, I was the envy of my boy mates but mostly my girl mates.

I’m gutted I didn’t get to see her gorgeous husband Jean-Bernard but I was pretty happy to have Cheryl to myself.


Sarah Bradbury