Dappy in a nappy will be up there in the most cringe ever Celebrity Big Brother moments

So, what’s more SHOCK HORROR than seeing Dappy’s big old ding dong in the nuddy? Seeing it all wrapped up in a nappy, of course. At the age of TWENTY SIX.

Yup. That’s what’s in store for us tonight, CBB fans, after the rapper broke the rules and spoke about nominations. Tut.

Channel 5 bosses said he’ll be dressed up as a baby, and to ensure he doesn’t talk his way into any more trouble, he will have a dummy in his mouth’.

Schexy, huh?

So schexy I reckon it’ll be immortalised in our brains forever.

Like when 59-year-old politician George Galloway pretended to be a cat and lapped up imaginary milk in a lycra catsuit while simultaneously losing all respect, from everyone, ever.

Not sure those pants are gonna help him get into Jasmine Waltz’ pants, mind.

Meanwhile, here’s Dappy at a more nappy-approriate age.

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