Baby Flynn, what have you done to your dad?

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s baby Flynn is only three weeks old but already we can sense his star power.

Not only is Flynn so adorable you just want to nuzzle his neck and deeply inhale his new baby smell. But just look what he’s done to his dad.

Orlando Bloom, one of the most reserved men on the planet, has suddenly gone all gaga. And we love it. Let’s examine the evidence…

1. Orlando was pictured yesterday walking around an LA park wearing a baby papoose to carry his son around in. Yes, one of those things most men wouldn’t be seen dead wearing.
2. Orlando is already taking style tips from his wee one – they wore co-coordinating grey tops on their outing. Cuuute.
3. And, after much zooming in on one image, we couldn’t ignore the fact there appears to be a baby wipe sticking out of Orlando‘s jeans pocket. Well you have to be prepared for any baby mishaps, don’t you?

So there you have it. The world’s sexiest man, just got a whole lot sexier (so much so that we’re prepared to overlook his penchant for dodgy sunglasses).

But Orly, we should warn you now: If you leave the house with baby sick in your hair you’ll have officially gone too far.

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