Duchess of Cambridge is proud of her post-baby bump - and so she should be!

In a world obsessed with size zero, I was thrilled to see Kate Middleton step out in front of the world proudly showing off her mummy tummy’.

While most new mums I know keep their bodies covered up to disguise their bump in the weeks – and months – after having their bundle of joy, Kate wore her post-baby bump with pride.  

And so she should! The idea that women carry a baby for nine months, growing a gorgeous big bump, and then suddenly shrink back to their pre-pregnancy weight overnight is quite frankly ridiculous.

Kate is a brilliant role model and a real mummy. No tummy tuck for the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate‘s shown the world she’s not ashamed of her new body when she stepped out with the baby prince for the first time.

It’s just done an amazing job and should be applauded, not squeezed into holding-in pants and hidden under a smock. And Prince William couldn’t look more in love with his wife!

We’ve all seen celebrities show off incredible weight loss a few weeks or couple of months after having a baby. But they don’t let anyone see their new mum bodies the week after birth. Although if they did, they’d look just like Kate too!

It takes nine months to grow a baby so realistically should take nine months for a new mum’s body to return to anything like the one she had before. And for the lucky women who do snap back to their natural size, good for you too! There are no rules.

My yummy mummy friends suffered from a total lack of body confidence after having babies and seeing pictures of skinny models soon after giving birth did them no good.

I hope new mums everywhere will look at Kate as their new role and be kind to themselves.

After all, they should be spending their time enjoying their baby, not worrying about fitting back in their old jeans.

Now I hope we see lots more yummy mummies with their babies and showing off their slowly shrinking baby bumps with pride.

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