No really, there's something mums need more than a six figure salary, writes Jess Spiring


Interflora (who can basically probably shut up shop after Valentine’s and Mother’s day) think they’ve done us
mums a favour. They had some maths-magician put a price on the job we do. And
it’s a whopping great salary of £172,000.

because our typical daily routine starts at 7am and finishes at 11pm. And
doesn’t stop at the weekend. Or even on Mother’s Day.

yesterday for me…

made sugar-free raw chocolate truffles with my five-year-old, Matilda, emptied
the dishwasher twice, walked the dog, cleaned the house, sorted three loads of
laundry and the ironing, did some reading with Tilda, sang the three-year-old
Bibi The Ugly Duckling three times before her nap, took the kids swimming,
cooked a full roast dinner and all with a full blown sinus infection.

not saying that my husband Reuben didn’t help. We do pretty much everything
shoulder to shoulder. He’s a legend (I hope he’s reading this…). And I did get
a heart-breaking home made card from my kids.

it made me realise, I’m definitely worth £172k.

sad things is, I’m not sure I’d manage to spend that sort of dough. You see,
when I think of what I’d love to blow the cash on (shoes, handbags, blow dries,
gel manicures, massages, ooh a skiing holiday would be nice, and the Maldives
is nice this time of year I hear…) I know deep down that I wouldn’t have the
time or energy for ANY of them.

you can keep the theoretical cash. But there is something else I’m after. It’s
a chest bump. A high five. A jeeze, you did all THA? On a Sunday. For nothing.
Because being a mum is the only job that comes without a manager, a coach, a

Day is a welcome mini recognition from your family. But only another mum really
knows how tough it is down here in the trenches.

on behalf of little ol’ me, fellow mums: bloody well done. You did it. You do
it. And you keep smiling. Thank you.