One Direction's Zayn Malik has a creepy new tattoo of girlfriend, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards

So One Direction‘s Zayn Malik appears to be overtaking band mate Harry Styles in their competition of who can have the most random tattoos covering their bodies.

When topless, I imagine they must look like a couple of cellmates who have been teaching each other tattooing in their spare time.

Before I start, I’d like to point out, I’m not against tattoos. I even considered having one myself in my younger and more idiotic days, but I was put off by my flatmate getting an enormous one on his arm of something which I still can hardly recognise some twenty years later (he has told me it’s a snake wrapped around a cross, nice!).

Zayn‘s latest tattoo is an enormous portrait of girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix on the top of his arm. He has broken the most basic rule of getting a tattoo – surely you NEVER get one of another person’s face, as it always never looks anything like that person, and it is impossible for it to not to look creepy! GUARANTEED!

I would have loved to see Perrie’s face when Zayn showed it to her; the ultimate gesture in his eyes (and utterly terrifying in hers). Perrie has said of the tattoo: ‘it’s amazing’ which basically translates to ‘Oh. My. God. I can’t break up with him for at least another six months now.’

It does go quite nicely with Zayn‘s other mindless etchings. He has the word Zap’ on his forearm which looks like the special effects used in the original 1970’s Batman during a fight scene. And next to that is the word Chillin’ next to a palm tree in bubble writing. Seriously Zayn, what were were you thinking!

One last thing I’d like to point out is that as Zayn and Perrie are both 20 years old, there is a very high possibility that they won’t stay together forever, which leaves Zayn and any future girlfriends with a rather prominent looking problem.

One solution will be that he only dates girls that look exactly like bobble hat-wearing Perrie in the future, or if the girl starts to feel undervalued in their relationship, he can go for the ultimate tribute of getting her face tattooed onto his, as I’m sure by then the rest of his body will be full up.

I’m sure Harry will come to the tattoo parlour with you, Zayn!

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