Networking pays off as Nick Grimshaw pulls in his famous mates his show gets better and better

This morning I laughed so hard I almost spat my toast out.

Nick Grimshaw‘s known for his famous friends – and this morning he got BFF Lily Allen (or Lily Rose Cooper as she’s now known) to do prank calls on his new Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

He’s got a game called ‘call or delete’.

And it’s the best thing EVER.

Kids, don’t try this one at home! Seriously. Or you’ll end up with no mates and/or grounded.

Nick picked names at random out of Lily‘s phone – and she had to choose whether to prank call them – or delete them.

Maybe I’m just easily amused (I used to LOVE prank calling people when I was younger – I hope my mum isn’t reading this), but Lily Allen stepped up to the bar, and left Coleen Rooney a voicemail.

During the message she asked her to take part in a celebrity ‘yummy mummy’ workout video with her. While stifling giggles she ended the message with the mesmerising one-liner: Send my love to Wayne.’

Music to my ears.

Next up, Nick got Lily to call Gordon Smart, Showbiz Editor at The Sun, and told him she had a story to sell on another celeb – with incriminating photos.

Gordon, bemused, asked her if, as she said on the call, she was GENUINELY strapped for cash.

Semi-retired singer Lily replied: Well, yeah, kind of. I haven’t worked in two years, Gordon.’

At this point I had to turn off the radio because I was having so much fun that I was going to be late for work.

Good on you, Lils. You’ve still got it! If you haven’t listened to it yet, you need to NOW.

And keep pulling those big names out of your little black book, Nick – it’s working in your favour.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show has never sounded better.


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