The sheen on celebrity culture has been sullied by lurid stories about Nigella Lawson, Lostprohets' Ian Watkins and Mel Sykes! WHY they shouldn't get away with it!

What the hell has happened to the world of celebrity? It’s gone blimmin’ well crazy!

This week alone, a dodgy rock star has pleaded guilty to attempting to rape a baby, a TV chef has been accused of having a ten year drug addiction and a TV presenter has been cautioned by police for supposedly hitting her hubby! 

Yes, it sounds the world of showbiz is in freefall!

In case you’ve been living under a rock – Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins (not H from STEPS, let’s make that VERY clear) has been in court admitting to all kinds of grotesque crimes against children.

Charles Saatchi thought that his supposedly squeaky clean wife Nigella Lawson has been mucking about with white stuff that isn’t flour and Mel Sykes has been fingered by the cops for supposedly attacking her new husband.

Unbelievable! What next? Kate Middleton arrested for murder?

But what these stories demonstrate is that even though we think these moneyed and pampered people are beyond reproach and walk on water, behind closed doors all manner of things go on and not all of it is nice – or legal!

Which is yet another reminder as to why celebrities should not be held up as role models!

These people are just normal people who just happen to work in a field that celebrates them and has them put on a pedestal.

But that’s just stupid! These people are not Godlike and do not deserve special treatment, inspite of what their suck up, syncophantic agents will tell them.

And as we’ve seen this week, behind the sheen, they do all sorts of nasty things.

These people should be named and shamed and punished! But as we have seen many times before, that doesn’t always happen. It would seem, that being famous (or having a clever team around them) can get them off the hook!

And this week only goes to prove that this can happen. According to one report, Lostprophet‘s Ian Watkins had his legal team slap a gagging order on a previous girilfriend FIVE YEARS AGO who had threatened to expose his sick activities.

Well shame on anyone who was involved in doing so. 

The question is, why was this woman allowed to be gagged? Was it so Ian and his band didn’t lose records sales? If so, that is disgusting.

I bet, if he’d been Joe Bloggs from down the street, he’d have been hauled up in court and chucked in prison pretty smartish!

But because he had a public profile and was surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes men’ making money off the back of him, he was able to avoid trouble for a further five years!

Just goes to show, how twisted this showbiz life can be, when seedy crimes like this are brushed under the carpet, just as the Jimmy Savile case proved!

This shouldn’t happen and hopefully this will highlight the fact that these things are going on that need to stop!

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