Jo Mas popped the question to Danny Dyer on Valentine's Day this year, but it's HIM who should be doing the running, says Scarlett Russell


So, after 20 years, countless episodes of bad behaviour and who knows how many affairs, EastEnders star Danny Dyer has finally done the honourable thing and committed to his childhood sweetheart and girlfriend of 20 years, Joanne Mas.

Except, it was HER who proposed to him. And whilst I’m all for women taking charge in a relationship and asking for what they want, I think he should have proposed to her. And quite frankly, I can’t believe he didn’t.

There’s no doubt that putting up with Danny for 20 years is no easy ride. On top of the endless partying he’s admitted to cheating on her in the past. Only last June – less than a year ago – he was accused of sleeping with a 21-year-old student.

But despite all this, he’s maintained that loyal Jo is, ‘my rocking rock.’

She’s stood by him through it all and, after two decades, clearly knows him better than anyone and is truly in love with him.

The couple – who have daughters Dani, 18, Sunnie, seven, and 15 month-old baby son Arty – have known each other since they were 14 years old.

‘When you have children, it isn’t just about me and Danny,’ Jo recently said alluding to Danny‘s affair. ‘I wouldn’t destroy the lives of my babies for something that doesn’t matter.’

In many ways, all this makes for a solid marriage because they’ve already managed to weather some of the toughest challenges any couple can face.

But, after everything he’s put her through, shouldn’t it be Danny proposing to Jo? If he was serious about marriage he would have proposed to her by now. Why should she have to do the chasing after what she’s already put up with? He’s vowed he’s a ‘changed man,’ and maybe he is. But surely the biggest way to prove his love and commitment would be by popping the question himself?

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