Kerry Katona has announced that she can't wait to have another baby - as her fiance recovers from his mental breakdown at the weekend


No sooner had Kerry Katona wiped away the tears after confessing the heartbreak of seeing her fiance sectioned under the Mental Health Act last week, she was declaring that she and George Kay would be trying for another baby as soon as they tie the knot later this year.

As a mum myself, I couldn’t help thinking this is pretty crazy timing for the couple to be thinking of extending their family. Kerry, who is already a mother to Molly, 12 and Lilly, 11 from her first marriage to Brian McFadden, Heidi, 7 and Max, 6 from her marriage to Mark Croft and three month old Dylan-Jorge, has been very open about her own issues with bi-polar disorder in the past. After George’s problems have come to light I can only imagine the pressure this will place on Kerry and her family, and as much as the couple may be keen to extend their brood – is now really the right time?

As Kerry already knows, children are so rewarding – but they’re also hard work. Anyone who’s shared a house with a newborn knows that you need to function on very little sleep whilst crazy hormones take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. George confessed at the weekend that he was sent ‘doolally’ after finding it difficult to sleep so taking a cocktail of sleeping pills, alcohol and steroids. It led to him being pinned down in the street by police as he ranted about how he thought someone was trying to kill him.

Kerry, who has been through her fair share of heartache in her life already, has bravely vowed to stand by him as he recovers from the episode. So this is surely a time when Kerry and George need to be there for each other? To be strong for themselves as a couple and the children they already have? Adding another child into what must be a very emotionally charged situation seems like an irresponsible decision.

As well as the pressure it will place on them as parents, children deserve a stable environment. I’m not suggesting that both George and Kerry aren’t amazing parents, but having been in a previous relationship where my partner was dealing with similar issues, there is no way I would have considered bringing children into that situation. It wouldn’t have been fair to me, him or the child. 

I’ve no doubt that George will make a full recovery and every hope that when the couple get married in September they will have a long and happy relationship. But at the moment, they’re dealing with the fall out from a highly traumatic event. Using another baby as a way of perhaps proving to the world how much they love each other, or how comitted they are as a family just strikes me as a one-way ticket to even more drama for both of them.

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