There's something so sad about a member of royalty wandering around Las Vegas as if he's ex-TOWIE star Mark Wright


I’ve always had a soft spot for Prince Harry. Hell, in recent months, I’ve even started to think he’s a little bit hot. I know, right?

But the pictures of Prince Harry standing in a Las Vegas hotel room, cupping his crown jewels and, um, bare-hugging a naked woman from behind, made me produce a tiny bit of sick in my mouth.

You see, I don’t have a problem with him enjoying a few cheeky shandies. Just last weekend I was guilty of flailing around a dance floor so dramatically I fell over.

I don’t judge him for wanting to be drunk and silly. Everyone should be able to let their hair (or heir) down once in a while.

But the problem, for me, is it isn’t ‘once in a while’ is it?

I’m sooooo tired of seeing a drunk Harry stumbling out of Mahiki with a goofy grin on his face.

And I’m now starting to accept that – like the poor little rich boy who never grew up – his days of heavy partying may never end.

Am I the only one who can picture a 60-year-old Prince Harry, rocking a comb-over, cruising around Las Vegas in his chinos, checking out the honeyz?

He’s already setting himself up as the Prince Andrew of his generation – a 53-year-old man affectionately referred to as Randy Andy, who has a penchant for lounging on yachts with bikini-clad women half his age.

Is that the future we want for our Harry?

Recently, Harry had appeared to have grown out of all that.

It seemed like, finally, those days of shame (the pot smoking, the under-age drinking, the bad-taste Nazi outfit) were behind him.

We felt proud when he served with our troops in Afghanistan; giggled when he raced Usain Bolt on an official visit to Jamica; cooed when he stood in for the Queen while the national anthem was sung at the London 2012 Closing Ceremony.

Under Prince Wills and Kate Middleton‘s nurturing wing, here was a Harry who was actually acting like the 27-year-old man he is who, let’s not forget, is THIRD IN LINE TO THE THRONE.

As much as we try to play it down and insist that he should be allowed to be young and free from all that naff Royal protocol, there is something sad about a member of royalty strutting around Vegas in the style of ex-Towie star Mark Wright or an overpaid premiership footballer.

Somehow, we expected so much better than that from Harry.

So, it’s our patriotic duty to put on a prim voice and tell Harry to grow up, for his own sake.

After all, we’re paying for those hefty bar bills.


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