Sinitta's explosive Tweets have reached a new low - could Simon Cowell be in store for a lie detection test?

Sinitta‘s Twitter meltdown over Simon Cowell is making me cringe – someone make her stop!

She Tweeted, Last weekend a few of the newspapers reported that I had terminated @simoncowell child, some said in 2009, another said behind his back.’

‘They stopped me defending myself in paper where started, so now I have to tell the whole truth of the @simoncowell baby termination here,’ she continued.

‘Firstly the baby termination wasn’t in 2009,’ she said, naming the journalist and adding: Don’t worry about my ability to remember correctly, it’s something I’ll never forget’.

One of the latest Tweets is a shocker, she’s threatening to drag Simon onto the Jeremy Kyle show to set the record straight. Providing they subject Simon to a lie detection test. Yikes!

Obviously she’s been through an ordeal, aborting a baby must be incredibly heartbreaking, especially a baby to the man who you have adored nearly all your life. Why can’t Sinitta just release a statement rather than humiliating herself on Twitter?

One thing is more than certain; her close friendship with Simon Cowell is unlikely to be able to recover from this.

A man as private as Simon is not going to take kindly to having his name trashed in this way. And I bet baby mama Lauren Silverman isn’t best pleased either.

I always thought Sinitta‘s friendship with Simon was bordering on obsession, and now she’s proved it.

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