What the hell has Jake Gyllenhaal done? He's just tooooooooooo thin to be sexy...

For years, Jake Gyllenhaal has been my number one crush.

The big, blue puppy dog eyes. The floppy brown hair. The full, pillow lips. The manly beard.

And, of course, the gorgeous body. Strong arms. Broad back. Nice arse. Have you seen Jarhead?

But that’s all changed. Jake went on a diet for his new movie, Nightcrawlers, and has gone scarily skinny. Like, ill looking.

Jake lost 20lb to pay struggling reporter Lou in the film and said, I knew that [Lou] was literally and figuratively hungry, [so I got into a] mode where I was always a bit hungry.’

Noooooooooo! Jake is barely recognisable now. I don’t like those sharp cheek bones. He looks gaunt. Even those beautiful big lips look like they’re shrunk.

And doesn’t he look miserable?! 

From strapping action hero to Jared Leto-lookalike, my crush has deflated into a tiny murmur.

My only hope is Jake piles the pounds back on for his next movie – Everest, about a hiking expedition on Mt. Everest which is devastated by a severe snow storm.

Er, sounds like Jake might go hungry up there too, dammit.


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