The Britain's Got Talent star is destroying his looks

Oh Simon Cowell, what are you doing to yourself? A once dashing and handsome man has been replaced with a puffed up almost unrecognisable face.

In my last blog about 90s nostalgia, I mentioned meeting Simon for the first time when I was a teenager. I barely recall what he looked like back then. In fact I can barely recall what anyone looked like back then.

The last few times I saw him, about 10 years ago at the time of his early X Factor fame, was at a fellow magazine’s annual charity event. I was bowled over by his good looks and charm. Girls flocked around him and he politely lapped it up, delivering kisses to a lucky few, including me, how I swooned!

There was absolutely nothing wrong with his looks, apart from his height and there’s not much a man can do about that. Although with the amount of money he’s worth perhaps there is?

Not only was he a bit of a celeb crush of mine at the time, he was also a really nice guy, and especially good with children. He sat and listened to me talk about my everyday life and about spending Christmas in Birmingham while he would be in Barbados. Despite us being a thousand worlds apart it didn’t feel that way.

Now I look at pictures of him and feel incredibly sad that he felt he had to change his appearance. Most men just improve with age, and I am sure he would have too. Strangely he’s kept his grey hair and not resorted to Just For Men.

Perhaps it’s the LA lifestyle that’s warped his view of himself. Maybe all reasonable thoughts go out the window when you’re loaded up with cash and subjected to looking at yourself on TV all the time.

I know I can barely look in a mirror without feeling depressed, so God knows what I’d do to myself if I had the kind of money Simon does. Especially after seeing a frightening amount of crow’s feet on a photograph someone took of me at the weekend.

So Simon, if you’re reading this, which is pretty unlikely, calm down on the cosmetic work, maybe just try giving up the fags instead?

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