Oh nooo, Liam Payne smokes! Get over it

So, Directioners have been up in arms about Liam Payne being caught pictured with what looks like a cigarette in his hand in a photo that fellow band mate Niall Horan posted on Instagram.

One Tweeted, open your eyes,thats not u‘.

Erm, how do you what is or isn’t Liam‘?

Another Tweeted, im sobbing! @Real_Liam_Payne is just stupid! Can you believe he’s smoking! Lets trend #liamstopsmoking !’


I’m glad I’m not famous or I’d have people getting #putthecakedownrightNOW trending. Or worse. Faaaaar worse

OK, so I totally get One Direction‘s fans being worried for Liam‘s health. And smoking isn’t good for you.

But many, many adults have the odd cheeky fag – maybe only once or twice a month with a drink – and Liam is a grown man. He’s 20.

What he’s doing, if he is indeed smoking in that rather blurry Instagram pic, isn’t illegal.

Leave him be, guys! Liam works extremely hard, and he deserves to unwind. And if that includes a fag now and again (we’ve never seen him pictured smoking before), so be it.

Everyone has a vice – be it a glass of wine (or three) after work, a bar of chocolate, Facebook 24/7, or a cig.

Let Liam have a private life, please, guys!

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