Tulisa: The new face of 'easy target'

The second Tulisa – the girl with the dubious dress sense and council estate background – got her role as judge on The X Factor, the whole country seemed to want to pull her down a peg or eight.

Yesterday Miss Contostavlos turned up at court, hair extension’d to the max and with a face I can only describe as a ‘forlorn pout’ to deny being ‘concerned with the supply of 13.9 grams of cocaine’. She will go on trial on 13 July, the day after her 26th birthday. Oh, no one cares about the big 2-6 anyway.

So while the majority everyone EVERYWHERE is talking about The Potential Fall Of Tulisa, I’m going to give you seven reasons why people should give Tuleeesha a break.

See it as a public service, if you will.

1 – She wouldn’t let herself be molded. Simon Cowell gave her the opportunity to turn herself from the hard-faced Camden girl with the bad tattoos, to The Nation’s Sweetheart a la Cheryl Cole part two. But nah, she would never betray her ‘urban roots’.

2 – She cared for her mentally ill mum. In BBC3 documentary Tulisa: My Mum And Me, the singer opened up about what it was like to grow up with a mother who suffers from mental illness.

In doing so she put a spotlight on the fact that 80,000 young people in the UK currently care for a mentally ill parent, and helped give a better understanding of the condition. We bet you forgot about that, didn’t you?

3 – She’s loyal. Tulisa’s best mate Gareth is her personal assistant and many of those who work with her are friends from way back.

4 – She dealt with the sex tape controversy with dignity. Yes, she probably shouldn’t have made one in the first place, but come on, she took control afterwards with an open and honest video statement. She had a pretty good ‘disappointed face’ too, come to think.

5 – She puts up with Dappy (some of the time). Bravo Miss C, bravo.

Cara and Rita, or Rihanna and Katy; this is the friendship we have real
buddy-envy over. 

7- She’s… um, actually quite nice. I’ve interviewed Tulisa a number of times and she’s one of the most down to earth and genuine celebs going. She even fixed my camera for me. Cheers T!  

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