You're about to fall out of love with George Clooney and here's why...

Normally George Clooney can’t put a foot wrong in my book. He could say anything he liked and I wouldn’t care, because let’s face it, he’s gorgeous George and… well, that’s it really.

But this week, he dared call Twitter users ‘morons.’ Say what, Georgy?!

‘If you’re famous and on Twitter, you’re a moron,’ he says in a recent interview.

Well, it’s good enough for The Pope and the Prime Minister, isn’t it.

What’s George‘s problem? Is he scared he’s not funny enough? Interesting enough? After all these years longing after gorgeous George, can you imagine the shock if in real life maybe he just has nothing to say?!

Don’t diss it ‘til you’ve tried it, Georgy porgy.

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