Just when you thought you knew everything about Louis Tomlinson, along comes One Direction hairstylist Lou Teasdale with a whopper

Today, I met One Direction‘s hairstylist Lou Teasdale for breakfast! *squeal*

And we were talking about how our names are similar.

Her full name is Louise but prefers to be called Lou and I’m called Louis – pronounced Lewis, not Louie – but most of my close friends call me Lou too.

And even though I pronounce my name LEWIS when I introduce myself, 95% of people will then call me LOUIE.

It is so weird! If I tell you my name is pronounced LEWIS, you can’t just decide to pronounce it differently, right?

That’s like me meeting someone called Niall and then deciding to pronounce it Neil. 

Not. Cool.

But it happens so often, I have come to accept it.

Lou knows that Louis Tomlinson‘s my fave 1D member and so she let me in on a secret:

Even though most of the world pronounces Louis Tomlinson as ‘Louie Tomlinson,’ his mother actually pronounces his name Lewis.

Just like me!

It turns out that it was only when Louis began going to school that his mates started calling him Louie and over time, he just accepted it and the name stuck!

Just like me!

Which is further proof that Louis Tomlinson and I are destined to be together and we can travel the globe with matching monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcases.

And natch, we’ll call them our LEWIS Vuittons.

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