The friends started dating in the 1980s

Sinitta has spoken of her heartbreaking decision to have an abortion when she fell pregnant with Simon Cowell‘s baby.

The So Macho singer dated Simon, 53, when they met in the 1980s and, following speculation that she once had a termination, Sinitta has confirmed that she was forced to abort Simon‘s child as she was unable to carry a baby to full term.

People are saying I aborted Simon’s baby in 2009 and that he only found out the other day. That’s all lies – I’d never do that to him,’ Sinitta, 49, declares.

It was in the 1980s, not 2009, as by then I was already aware that I couldn’t carry a child full term.

It was a long time ago when we were both young. Simon was very concerned and by my side.

It was very upsetting. It’s such a heartbreaking thing to go through.’

The pair have remained friends, though Sinitta says that they have rarely discussed the abortion.

The singer went on to adopt two children with ex-husband Andy Willner, while Simon is expecting a baby with Lauren Silverman.

But Sinitta confesses that she’s always wanted to be the mother of the X Factor mogul’s children.

I have always admitted I wanted to marry him and have children with him,’ she tells The Sun. ‘Not just because I love him, but because I thought it would be good for him.’

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