Cheeky One Direction star Liam Payne drove his fans into a frenzy when he posted naked pics on himself

Liam Payne certainly knows how to send One Direction‘s normally calm and unperturbed fans into total MELTDOWN.
At the weekend he posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account supposedly naked on the back of a boat with just some pixelisation saving his blushes.
You can only imagine what happened next.
The World stopping spinning, riots in the streets, global financial markets going onto meltdown, Twitter almost imploded with #UNCENSORITLIAM becoming it’s number one worldwide trending topic with Liam‘s fans begging him for the un-pixelated image.
Happy to oblige, Liam did eventually post the uncensored image, only to crush a gazillion teenage hearts. It showed he was wearing trunks then entire time.
One Direction fans showed no less love for Liam after his prank though.
I’m just relieved the World can get back to normal again… Phew!

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