One Direction have gone tat-too far with their ink. Even their mums think so!

Tattoo or not to tattoo? That is the question. At least it should be for those silly One Direction boys.

This week, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik both unveiled new tats. Adding to the already ridiculous collection of scrawls and drawings 1D can boast, Louis now has The’ and Rogue’ written on his shins as well as some new ink on his chest too.

And Zayn‘s gone and got a skull on his shoulder. Original.

Ice gems and tea cups anyone? Can anyone let the boys know what when they’re 45 years old, these tattoos will not look good. They’ll look bloody awful. Especially Harry Styles who now has a menagerie on his chest with a giant butterfly joining the two birds!

Even their parents are getting annoyed with Zayn saying, Our mums have been like, “Maybe you’re getting a bit too much”.’

And Liam Payne admits, his mum went crazy about the whole tattoo idea’.

Don’t get me wrong, a sexy sleeve – hello David Beckham, I’m talking about you! – or well thought out tattoo can look cool. But celebs these days are disfiguring their skin with odd doodles that look like they’ve been attacked by a toddler with a permanent marker!

One Direction aren’t the only popstars to proudly show off some questionable skin designs. Don’t even get me started on Sarah Harding‘s Don’t be bitter – glitter’.

Or the woman’s face adorning Chris Brown‘s neck. Or The Wanted‘s collection of ink.

Each to their own but I’m glad I never got that dodgy dolphin tattoo I craved back in 1996. And I reckon some of these celebs might regret their tattoo choices in the future too. Or invest in some serious laser removal like Megan Fox.

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