Will One Direction’s Zayn Malik regret his new ink?

Once upon a time, true love meant a couple carved their initials into a tree with a cheesy love heart.

Now, the public declarations of undying amour are a bit more permanent. And a hell of a lot more painful!

No stranger to being tattooed, One Direction‘s Zayn Malik has added more ink to his already colourful body. And this time it’s girlfriend Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards FACE on his forearm!

Zayn got the tattoo – a cartoon version of Perrie in a bobble hat with long hair – on Tuesday while in Maryland, America.

But I can’t help thinking it’s a big mistake. Zayn‘s only 20.

And their relationship was apparently a bit rocky earlier this year when newspapers reported that he’d cheated on Perrie.

Maybe it’s his way of showing Perrie just how much he loves her. But we’ve all seen how many times celebs have had to ink over/laser off an ex’s name or initial.

Katie Price tattooed over her ink for ex husband Peter Andre and ex-fiance Leandro Penna while Angelina Jolie lasered off ex-hubby Billy Bob Thornton‘s name and Johnny Depp changed Winona Forever’ to Wino Forever’. Classy!

I’ve nothing against tattoos per se. I even like the idea of inking a loved one’s initials or name.

But if a guy tattooed my face on his forearm I would freak out!

Sorry Zayn, you’re a fool!

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