The day I betrayed Harry Styles

OK, this blog is something of a confession.

Ever since One Direction formed I resolutely told all my friends that I was a one-man girl who only had eyes for Harry Styles and that would never, ever change – my motto simply being: He looks like a young Mick Jagger.’ And they all know how much I fancy 1960s Jagger.

And that loyal, unfaltering love lasted for two long years – until today when my heart was melted by new pictures of Zayn Malik kissing his girlfriend, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

I don’t know whether it’s the lingering embrace that made me look at Zayn with doey eyes for the very first time, or whether it was seeing him strut along in Ray Bans, skinny jeans and a ciggie dangling out of his mouth (so cliché, so me!) – but I’ve gone totally teenage-girl weak at the knees.

And it’s such a betrayal. (I’m so sorry, Harry – I can hear you weeping now!)

But that’s the magic with these One Direction boys. Somehow, they make us women feel like we’re lovestruck teenagers again. It really is a talent.

All of a sudden I’m sitting at my desk daydreaming about what it would be like if I was Perrie and Zayn draped his arm over my shoulder in that way. (It would be AMAZING!) And I’m 26 -what’s wrong with me?!

But in reality, it must be hard to be a One Direction girlfriend.

There’s the constant barrage of abuse from their die-hard army of fans and the difficulties that come with trying to make a long-distance relationship work while the boys go on tour overseas.

Imagine feeling like you’re constantly competing for attention?

So rather than feeling jealous of Perrie, I’m going to wish her well. I’m perfectly happy dating my new boyfriend Zayn in my mind. *totes smiley face*

Do you think Zayn’s taken over Harry in the sexy stakes? We want to hear your views.

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