If this is Zayn's making-up gift to Perrie then he better think again...

So, One Direction‘s Zayn Malik is said to be whisking girlfriend Perrie Edwards from Little Mix off on a romantic holiday to Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa Treehouse Hideaway Suite in Hampshire, according to the Daily Star. 

How lovely, etc etc!

A holiday with your other half? Always nice.

But… what if it’s a making-up holiday – after said other half has (allegedly) cheated.

Uh-ohs. This is choppy water.

It’s a tricky one. On the one hand, that cheating ex is making an effort to win your achey heart back. Complete with alone time, candles, lots of loving and sweet nothings (let’s hope Zayn turns his phone off, too, and ignores everyone from the outside world).

Perrie deserves it.

On the other, said naughty other half is slapping a Band-Aid across your fresh wounds, and telling you to move on, quick time, by inviting you on a holiday so quickly after their supposed sordid behaviour came to light.

It’s tricky.

But, erm, what if the make-up holiday is actually a FREEBIE… courtesy of the BRIT Awards?! It’s alleged that this holiday is a present – but not from Zayn to Perrie, but from to the BRITs to Zayn!

Yes, Zayn is said to be taking Perrie on hols – and he isn’t paying a penny for any of it.

Said holiday to a luxury treehouse thingy, is part of a goodie bag that the stars will get at this week’s BRITs.

The holiday normally costs £1,500 a night – but Zayn gets it gratis. CHEAPSKATE!

How entirely un-romantic (and did I mention it’s February, and bloody freezing?).

Perrie, if I was you then I’d decline. And I’d get him to splash the cash on a month in… Hawaii.

Make that boy WORK to win back your trust!

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