Get well soon Chezza!

Cheryl Cole is having a moment all over again.

Obviously, her horrible car crash with bezzie mate in the early hours of yesterday morning wasn’t one of her best bits of the last few months.

But she, somehow, manages to make a sling look stylish. Literally, how? I’m baffled.

I love Cheryl. I always have. And I’m so happy she’s a) in love again with new boyfriend Tre, b) smiling after her nasty accident and c) rumoured to be getting that judging job on The Voice.

Will she get the job? Time will tell. It would be the ultimate up yours’ to Simon Cowell – and I really hope she goes for the job, if she’s offered it.

In the meantime, I will be fashioning myself a sling. They’ll be on sale in Topshop before you know it, kids.

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