New mums Rosamund Pike, Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana have defied the laws of biology, gasps Victoria Kennedy

Excuse me while I get off the floor and reposition myself on my chair. Have you SEEN how amazing Rosamund Pike looked at the 2015 Oscars?

Rosamund gave birth to her second (yes, SECOND) baby just 12 weeks ago. Let’s just take a moment to digest that fact. That means that just 12 weeks ago she looked pretty much like this:

Now, if you’re a mum, you’ll be thinking the same thing as me right now: how on earth has she managed to whittle her waist down to the size of a lamb’s in the same time it takes most new mums to be able to sit down without sighing ‘ouch’.

Rosamund, 36, who was nominated for a best actress Oscar for her role as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl, revealed her stunning body in a custom made red Givenchy dress, which featured a sexy leg slit.

I have watched in awe as Rosamund, who had son Atom on 2 December and already has a two-year-old toddler called Solo, has worked the red carpet circuit over the past few weeks revealing an ever-diminishing frame.

We saw her remarkable transformation when she attended the Golden Globes just five weeks after giving birth to her second boy.

But her Oscar dress has taken things to a whoooole new level – look how much weight she’s lost in just a few weeks? Things have now got to the point that I’m tempted to go to great lengths to hide this Oscar picture from my husband so that he doesn’t get his hopes up that I will ever have a waist that looks that small again after I have my second baby this summer.

Yet, Rosamund isn’t the only beautiful new mum who stunned at the Academy Awards this year.

Helloo there, Scarlett Johansson. The 30-year-old actress welcomed her first child – daughter Rose – around five months ago. But she looked slim and toned to perfection on the Oscars red carpet, wearing a body-hugging Versace dress that left no room for even the slightest roll of fat.

But the most outstanding bounce-back mum award must go to Zoe Saldana who blows every mum out of the water by looking like this just three months after giving birth to TWINS.

Holy cow.

The 36-year-old Avatar actress had boys Bowie and Cy in November 2014. Anyone else struggling to see any hint of a mum tum hidden under that blush pink Versace dress? Don’t bother, I’ve already tried.

Bravo, ladies. Thank god for Spanx for the rest of us.

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