As Pamela Anderson is booted out the show in place of Keith Chegwin, my money's now on Shayne Ward

Yesterday Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson crashed out of Dancing On Ice in the first shock exit of the show.

I have to say I’m bitterly disappointed in this. She was one of the biggest draws on the show and had barely had a chance to warm up before she was gone.

Unlike Strictly, it’s much more difficult to perform on Dancing On Ice. Basic rhythm is not enough and you have to have advanced skills in order to not look ridiculous.

Pamela and partner Matt Evers‘ first dance got them in the top three so it was a great shame that they had to do the skate off.

One accidental boob flash (‘lucky’ she was wearing nipple coverings!) and a slip and it was all over. ITV must be gutted.

Obviously it’s great to see Keith Chegwin again after being unable to take part due to injury last year but I cannot believe ITV would be happy about losing their ‘A lister’ in the first week!

I happen to know her partner Matt Evers as well and I know he’s gutted to be out so soon. To have such a high profile contestant must have been amazing and he had already told me how lovely, sweet and dedicated she is so it must be a bitter blow for him.

On a positive note, I am greatly looking forward to Shayne Ward blowing people away. He will need to find his skates, so to speak, but he has great potential.

Shayne has worked non-stop since he won The X Factor and I would count him as a friend. He has stayed true to himself, never let the fame get to him and had the same girlfriend, Trollied’s Faye McKeever, since before the show.

So I will be watching with a little less enthusiasm now Pammy‘s gone but looking forward to Shayne Ward strutting his stuff.

I also can’t wait to see Lauren Goodger take to the ice as well as Anthea Turner but maybe not for the same reasons!

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