BLOG Peaches' baby son was alone for up to 17 hours while his mum lay dead in another room

I promised myself I wouldn’t be judgmental about Peaches Geldof‘s death. Two little boys have lost their mum, after all.

But, after hearing the details surrounding her death at her inquest today, I can no longer contain myself.

What was Peaches Geldof thinking when she decided to take heroin while she was home alone with her 11-month-old son Phaedra?

We’ve learnt today that Peaches, 25, died at around 8pm on that fateful Sunday night in April – a full 17 hours before her poor husband Thomas Cohen found her dead body at 1.30pm the next day.

During those 17 hours Phaedra was left in the house on his own while his mother lay dead in another room.

It’s too horrific to even contemplate.

My daughter is two months younger than Phaedra. I don’t pretend to be the world’s greatest mum and I undoubtedly make mistakes every single day.

But I know this – I wouldn’t even allow myself to get drunk if I was home alone with my little girl, let alone take class A drugs.

There is a responsibility that comes with parenthood that is hardwired into your DNA the moment you hold your desperately dependent baby in your arms.

You will do nothing – and I mean NOTHING – that could ever put them at harm.

If that means not having too much wine when you’re home alone with your baby JUST IN CASE they wake up and you MIGHT have to carry them downstairs and there’s a POSSIBILITY you could trip if you were tipsy, then frankly that is a small price to pay.

The same applies to looking after your own safety when you become a parent.

Something weird happened the moment I had my daughter that I can’t quite explain.

I subconsciously started wearing a seat belt every time I got in a taxi.

I now stand a few feet away from the platform when a train is coming in.

And as for crossing roads – my days of carelessly ducking between cars to get to the other side are over. I’m now the person who stands and waits for the green man.

I have a responsibility to do everything I can to keep myself alive for as long as I can now. I’m a mum.

This doesn’t make me special. I don’t know a single other parent who doesn’t feel the same.

Peaches clearly adored her boys. That cannot be disputed. She was hands-on with every detail about their upbringing, from rejoicing over a little noise they made to worrying about the right baby wipes to use.

We’ve all seen the beautiful pictures she posted of Phaedra and his brother Astala, two, on her Instagram account. You don’t need to know her to know that she worshipped them and that they worshipped her. You can see it in their eyes.

We now know that Peaches tried to kick her addiction for their sake, going on a two year drug programme. She must have had the willpower of a tigress – she managed to be clean from November 2013 to February this year.

In the end though the allure of heroin proved so powerful it overruled her very instincts as a mother to protect both them and her at any cost.

The fact that a mum would go against every fibre of her being to take deadly drugs when she was home alone with her cherished baby is too devastating for words.

And too tragic for any parent – not in its grips – to ever be able to truly understand.

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