Directioners should shut up because Zayn Malik WAS in the wrong

She’s a gorgeous pop star in one of the UK’s biggest bands – and a generally nice person to boot.

So what the hell has Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards done to deserve being publicly humiliated by her boyfriend?

From where I’m standing, nothing.

But as usual it’s her who has been forced to put on a brave face because her boyfriend allegedly can’t keep it in his pants.

The tabloids yesterday accused 1D star Zayn Malik, 20, of bedding Aussie waitress Courtney Webb, 21, while Perrie, 19, was away on tour.

To add insult to injury he allegedly bedded the blonde in the bed he shares with Perrie…under a portrait of her. Wow.

Zayn‘s spokesman has refused to comment.

But if the allegations are true, there’s only one thing Perrie should do – dump his ass. Now.

Time and time again our favourite female celebs are put through the ringer because their men can’t resist even the slightest temptation.

And time and time the girls forgive their guys – only to go through the whole sorry saga two months later when they stray again.

So let me suggest another solution: Tell them to pack up and ship out.

And while I’m clearly attracting the abuse of the Directioners, let me say this as well.

Don’t be pathetic and send death threats to Courtney on Twitter.

Grow up. There’s only one person who’s to blame here…The boy with a girlfriend.


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