Now's Editor-At-Large Dan Wootton gives his insight into the divorce between Peter Andre and Katie Price

For nearly four years, Katie Price and Peter Andre have been involved in the sort of divorce that will make their children wince in years to come as they read the grisly details online.

A-list splits are almost always nasty, but it’s rare for both parties to be so determined to publicly destroy the character of their former partner.

So how on earth did it come to this?

I have no doubt it is partly because Jordan and Peter‘s love was so strong that neither believed they would actually divorce. But at some point this charade has to end.

Instead of seemingly making impetuous decisions – making a stripper who she’d known for a matter of weeks her third husband, 
for example – to try and spark a reaction from Pete, Jordan should concentrate on actually trying to be happy herself.

Pete is very happy with his much younger girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, something Jordan probably finds unbearable.

And that’s why this bitter battle will most likely continue…

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