We've been waiting, like, forever. Stop being so mysterious, Peter


Ah, the clandestine world of Peter Andre.

I’m being sarcastic, obviously. Peter loves his fans, and shared his life intimately through his (now on hiatus, what are we to do?!) TV show, My Life.

But he’s keeping one important detail from his zillions of fans, or ‘Andrettes‘ as he calls them.

And that’s the name of his new baby daughter, born to girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, two weeks ago.

Kinda a key thing in a person’s life, a name, isn’t it?

Pete‘s happy to chat to fans online, and has invited them to an online Q&A session via his website, saying, ‘Hey guys, I’m going to answer some more #HeyPete questions in the next few weeks, so get uploading your videos. You can ask me anything, the more random the better!’

Wow, thanks Pete!

However, he’s banned fans from asking about the Mysterious Girl’s name. (See what I did there?)

‘Please don’t ask me the name of the baby though! Haha,’ he’s written on his website.

Oh. Right then. But Pete, your fans want to know, and they want to know, NOW!

My bet is that it’ll be a far more traditional name than the name of ex-wife Katie Price‘s newest arrival, Jett Riviera… but who knows, hey?

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