I wouldn't have braved having a baby at her age - but if she's happy then that's all that matters

Yesterday was an epic baby news day – with the Royal baby born, obviously.

But also, and more surprisingly, was the news that Peter Andre‘s 23-year-old girlfriend of a year, Emily MacDonagh, is pregnant with their first child.

Congrats, guys!

I can’t lie and say I’m not totally shocked, though.

Twenty three is so, so young to have a baby. And I have a lot of respect for Emily for taking on the task at her age.

I couldn’t have (I’m far too selfish).

Emily looks so young, too – she’s gorgeous, obviously, but very, very youthful looking – which is no bad thing, but when you find out she’s pregnant you do a bit of a double take.

She’s just finished her medical degree at Bristol University – she’s a doctor now. Which is no mean feat, Emily has been studying for years to succeed.

Youthful, newly-qualified, smart – I wonder what’s made Emily want to settle down so young?

Obviously, her and Pete are in love and stuff, so a baby might be the next logical step, but it isn’t the obvious path that Emily announced her pregnancy just as she became a doctor.

Emily‘s dad is a doctor too, so maybe she was doing a degree to keep with family tradition? Now she’s feeling the pressure, perhaps she’s decided to step away from her career, and be a mum instead.

But then we all know that being a mum is one of the toughest roles there is, too!

Whatever Emily‘s reason, the most important thing is that she’s happy. Mum, doctor and celebrity girlfriend all at 23?

The girl has done good – and she can always return to medicine after her baby is born.

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