He may not be as sexy as David Tennant or Matt Smith, but Peter Capaldi's a brilliant choice

No sooner had Peter Capaldi been announced as the new star of Doctor Who than the haterz were out.

Some so-called fans have already taken to Twitter to whinge that he’s too old’ and ugly’ and even threatening to stop watching the show.

What the hell! Now I Iike a bit of eye candy as much as the next person and David Tennant and Matt Smith definitely qualified on that level.

But if that’s the only reason you watch Doctor Who, you’ve got it all wrong.

Doctor Who‘s been going for 50 years now. And the actor in the lead the role hasn’t always been what most would consider a hottie’.

Although it might surprise younger fans to know it is possible to fancy someone over the age of 30 (YES, even Colin Baker, floats many a boat).

Also, the Doctor‘s supposed to be something like 1,000 years old. So why shouldn’t a 55-year-old play him?

Surely the most important thing is that they’re, y’know, a good actor? The Doctor needs to be someone who can make us believe in all sorts of weird and wonderful aliens and strange planets.

Someone like… oh, I dunno, BAFTA winner Peter Capaldi (he’s actually got an Oscar too, although that’s for directing – multi-talented or what?).

I think the haterz need to take a lesson from the spirit of the show.

The Doctor never judges anyone just by their appearance – he gives everyone an equal chance, whether they look like Jenna Coleman or the Jagrafess.

So let’s give Peter Capaldi a chance to show what he can do, eh?

Of course, there are characters in the series that automatically hate those who don’t conform to their narrow ideals. That’s right: the Daleks.

Don’t be a Dalek, people.

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