This year's Great British Bake Off is fantastic, but I can't bear Ruby's self-depreciating attitude

Before I start, I have a confession to make.

I’ve been hiding a secret obsession for the past few months.

My name is Ian and I’m a closet Great British Bake Off fan. Phew, there I said it!

I started off paying little or no attention as my wife watched the show, but slowly I was drawn into the world of proving dough and soggy bottoms. Now, I never miss an episode.

The only fly in the mix is that 21-year-old Ruby Tandoh is becoming increasingly irritating to watch.

She’s undoubtedly a good cook, she has brains (she’s studying philosophy) and, of course, she is stunning looking, but I cannot bear her constant self-depreciating attitude.

Ruby just needs to have some confidence in herself.

I’m not saying I’d like her to be arrogant, but I’ve got tired of the amount of times she’s looked at the judges with her puppy dog eyes saying whatever she’s cooked has gone wrong – only to be told that it tastes incredible.

Ruby spent most of the semi-final episode in tears convincing herself, as usual, that her food would be unpalatable.

But guess what, it tasted good enough for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to put her through to the final.

I imagine that even if Ruby wins this year’s contest she’ll be standing there sobbing telling everyone she’s rubbish and doesn’t deserve it.

So please judges, pick Frances Quinn or Kimberley Wilson as the 2013 GBBO champ, anyone but Ruby!

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