It's been a rollercoaster of emotions for The X Factor's Times Red - and no one knows that better than me

It’s not a secret that I’m in love with Times Red (for proof, see my previous blog). They are literally the most gorgeous band to ever grace The X Factor, beating my previous title-holders The Reason 4 by a mile (okay, okay nobody remembers them except me).

And, as I’m sure you can imagine, last weekend was pretty tough for me. After Rough Copy‘s fortuitous visa issues, the gorgeous men from Times Red were jetsetting their way to Las Vegas to try to secure a place in Louis Walsh‘s final three groups for the live shows.

I was crazy anxious for my boys Scott Ritchie, Staz Nair and Luke White. But I was relieved to find out they were up first and I said a prayer hoping they’d smash the audition.

Well, it turns out they didn’t even need my luck on their side – Times Red absolutely killed it with their amazing mash-up of Ain’t No Sunshine and Let’s Get It Started. It was life-changing (for me, anyway).

Unfortunately, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne must’ve heard something different because once again, Scott Ritchie, Staz Nair and Luke White were handed a stone cold no.

Cut to me, wishing I could rip Louis Walsh‘s new hair out. I mean, I get MK1Simeon Dixon and Charlie Rundle are a slick act – but why would Louis Walsh feel the need to choose both One Direction wannabes District 3 (formerly GMD3) and Union J? Ugh, BORING.

Louis Walsh should’ve gone to Specsavers! Can someone please remind Louis that Scott Ritchie‘s the most gorgeous man in the whole wide world?

Both boy bands look the same – it’s like Justin Bieber came to the UK and threw up seven carbon copies of himself (wait, that’s Conor Maynard). And I couldn’t believe Louis Walsh had the nerve to call Times Red old!

Louis‘s the one with the hair transplant with ears that have obviously deteriorated past the point of repair. How else could you explain why he unable to hear the sweet, sweet sound that is Times Red?

Thankfully, the X Factor producers weren’t done messing with my head and gave Times Red a lifeline in the form of a wild card. I know, right? Totes emosh!

To my husband’s dismay, I’ve spent quite a bit of time and money furiously phoning 09020505120* (yes, I’ve memorised the number and you should as well) to vote Times Red into the live shows this weekend. It just has to happen.

But nothing could’ve prepared me for what went down this morning. All this obsessing must’ve sent out the right vibes into the universe because as if by some otherworldly magic, my editor told me that Times Red were coming to the office today and wanted to know if I was free to interview them. Um, let me think about that – YES.

The only thing that could’ve topped this is if I had been in the Corinthia Hotel the other night when Staz was APPARENTLY running around naked.

Which means that workwise, today’s a complete write-off. I feel dizzy, I feel nauseous, I feel invincible. The fact that I have manifested Times Red into my life is all I can think about.

Actually, that’s a lie. All I can think about is getting my picture taken with Scott Ritchie, Staz Nair and Luke White, with me being carried by all three, lying across their beautiful, bulging arms. It just has to happen.

*Mobile & BT landline votes cost 35p.  Other landlines may vary. Voting closes at midday on Saturday 6th October 2012. Votes cast after the closing time will not be counted but may still be charged. For terms and conditions, click here.

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