So many breaks must be such an ordeal for Denise Van Outen, how DOES she do it?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a holiday, it’s a good thing to do, isn’t it?

To get some time off work, recharge the batteries, enjoy some R&R and then get back to work re-energised and revitalised?

And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the odd break away from your family, hanging out with your mates, having fun and getting more of that R&R – and in any case, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

But SIX holidays in 12 months? Isn’t that taking the piss a bit? Kind of begs the question: what do you do that requires you to take a holiday so often? What, exactly, is it that you’re getting away from?

Well it’s hard to say with Denise Van Outen, 39, who’s currently enjoying a knees-up in Ibiza with a bunch of girlfriends.

Apparently she’s a working mum who’s juggling a busy career with looking after her three-year-old daughter. And without a nanny, to boot. So obviously she needs as many breaks from work and family as she can squeeze in to one year.

Poor love. She’s left husband Lee Mead, 31, and three-year-old daughter Betsy at home while she soaks up the sun and frolics round the pool with her BFFs, all the time juggling her busy career and childcare issues. It must be sooo hard.

Lucky for Denise, I suppose, that whatever work it is that she does is so lucrative that she’s able to afford all these jettings-off to the sun.

And what about the rest of us? Well I for one can barely afford ONE holiday a year and that’s only with working my socks off, scrimping and saving all year long to get enough pennies together.

And I’m not alone, right? No one has money to spare these days and not everyone’s lucky enough to even have a job in the current economic climate, so for some a holiday just isn’t on the cards.

So, Denise Six-Holiday Van Outen, consider taking your annual holiday quota and finding a place to insert it where the sun DOESN’T shine. That would make the rest of us feel a whole lot better.

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