I don't think this is what Taylor Swift signed up for when she got together with Harry Styles

This weekend saw Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway eating out at trendy Sushi Samba, high up at Heron Tower, with spectacular views across London.

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh dined out at Heston Blumenthal‘s prestigious Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, Berkshire. Showing off with a series of Tweets about his 14-course £195 per head culinary roller-coaster ride of a meal.

But the new celeb couple of the moment, One Direction‘s Harry Styles and Taylor Swift went to, wait for it, a run-of-the mill local Chinese restaurant in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Gutted.

Previously, Harry even treated Taylor to a trip to Tesco in Northwich, Cheshire. Lucky girl.

It just goes to show that even if you go out with a member of one of the biggest bands in the world, you can still get stuck with the mundane. Hope that’s enough consolation for you, girls.

Trudging around the cold and dreary north of England when you could be on a yacht? I don’t think this is what Taylor signed up for.

From her face in the photo that was Tweeted of her sitting in the Chinese takeaway restaurant, I think she’s wondering if she’s made a boo boo.

Despite his millions, maybe Harry is not enough for this little American princess. Perhaps she’s best suited to the likes of her exes such as Hollywood stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner.

And as soon as she legged it out of dreary England – and jetted off to Germany, Harry headed off to a student party at a mate’s university digs. Could have rounded off Taylor‘s weekend in Sheffield nicely, that.

I kind of admire him for keeping it real and I’m sure most girls would be happy wherever they were with Harry Styles. But somehow I doubt Taylor‘s one of them.

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