As Frankie Bridge's darkest days are cruelly mocked - has comedy gone too far?

When it comes to comedy, I understand it’s a thing of taste. And boundaries are there to be pushed.

But if watching two self-proclaimed ‘stars’ of the internet mock pregnant Frankie Bridge’s battle with depression while joking she ‘could kill her baby’ is what’s classified as humour these days – then I’m happy to live the rest of my life without laughter.

Let me elaborate a little…

YouTube drag act Queens Of Pop consists of brothers Jim and Ged Weir from Manchester, who make their living parodying popular pop stars and ridiculing them in their re-written versions of their songs.

Their brand of humour has seen the brothers repeatedly tour the country while amassing millions of views along the way – and subsequently be banned from major festivals and events such as Manchester Pride at the same time.

And as The Saturdays became their latest video victims, it’s not hard to see why.

With their portrayal of 26-year-old Frankie being what can only be described as one of the most uncomfortable things to grace the internet so far this year.

Now to most of us, Frankie is nothing but the Strictly Come Dancing, pop music singing soon-to-be mother of two, who’s usually found with a smile on her face.

However away from the glitz and glam, Frankie’s secret battle with depression which developed following a childhood laced with anxiety and panic attacks resulted in her temporary departure from the band in 2011.

Swapping touring for a trip to rehab, Frankie later opened up about how she ‘felt so isolated’ and like she was ‘living two different lives all the time’ while expressing her fears the depression would return after she gave birth to one-year-old son Parker in 2013 with husband Wayne Bridge.

Her openess about her battles has not only led her to be seen as inspiration to many, but she has also become an ambassador for mental health charity Mind.

And, as someone who’s suffered similar issues and seen many days as a struggle, the Queens Of Pop‘s decision to mock mental health with lyrics including ‘Yes they say I’m crazy, I might kill my baby. I’m sexy and charming, I’m into self-harming’ – while scenes of parody ‘Frankie’ physically abusing a baby doll with ‘blood’ dripping from her wrist are acted out doesn’t just shock me – but saddens me.

And I’m not alone. Lots of people have branded the brothers ‘vile’ and a ‘disgrace to this country’ on Twitter.

When questioned by Now if they felt the cruel and unnecessary sketch was a step too far, they stated ‘it depends how you choose to view it’.

And as a general, well-moralled human, who has suffered the darkness of depression like Frankie – I’m afraid I view the video as nothing but disgusting, and a reminder of my own struggles.

Comedy or cruel? Watch the controversial clip here and judge for yourself…

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