As Rosamund Pike looks hot on Golden Globe red carpet FIVE WEEKS after having her baby, we look at the other star mums who have revealed new figures after having babies


Arriving at the Golden Globes last night, Rosamund Pike wore a revealing white dress with no bra to support her boobs and cut out panels to highlight her teeny waist.

So far, so standard-issue slender A-list celebrity – until you remember that Rosamund, 35, had a baby just FIVE WEEKS ago.

When I saw these pictures I felt as incredulous as I did envious, because both Rosamund’s body and her outfit seem to defy nature itself. It’s not simply the fact that her taut tum betrays not the slightest sign of having recently stretched to capacity to harness another human being, or the fact that those toned arms show no evidence of new mum cellulite bingo wings (trust me – it’s a thing) that astounds me.

It is the confidence with which Rosamund wears white, when the chances are she is still bleeding post-partum. Could this be to disguise the leaking milk from her lactating boobs? Because that’s the only reason I can think of. It’s not as if there is much room for breast pads in that hanky of a dress.

Of course Rosamund isn’t the only celeb to have gone from labour ward to limelight in the time it takes the rest of us mere mortals to figure out how to undo our maternity bras. Socialite Tamara Ecclestone, 30, pulled off the extraordinary feat of managing to look SLIMMER than she was pre-pregnancy just days after giving birth to her daughter Sophia last October. And let us not forget Simon Cowell’s squeeze Lauren Silverman, 37, who took to a Miami beach in a skimpy sarong just ten days after giving birth to baby Eric last February.

Becoming a mum does funny things to our self-image, and I’m sure getting glammed up and showcasing fantastic figures so soon after popping a baby out helps restore some sense of identity for these celebs. Trouble is, it’s depressing and potentially damaging for us ordinary new mums struggling to squeeze into our last pair of non-stained jogging bottoms. If you’re functioning on three hours’ sleep a night and flailing around for the shattered remnants of your former self you’re not exactly exercising rational thought.

When my daughter was three months old I put out a bum muscle and couldn’t walk for three weeks after embarking on a rigorous running routine designed to have me looking like Gisele Bundchen. She was prancing around in a bikini post-partum, I thought with sleep-deprivation induced delusion. It must be possible.

So HOORAH for those celebs who break the mould and refuse to slim down to the size of a toothpick before their baby has finished teething. Zara Phillips, 33, may not be as slender as she was before she had daughter Mia a year ago, but her healthy, happy appearance gives us something to aspire to.

Last week actress Kristen Bell, 34, was pictured on the red carpet just three weeks after her daughter Delta was born, looking reassuringly curvaceous, as did Ginnifer Goodwin, 36, at a recent awards do. Granted, Ginnifer was wearing white, but her son Oliver is eight months old so I will forgive her.

Being a new mum is tough enough without enduring starvation diets and exercise induced injuries. Let’s be inspired by the sensible stars who breed alongside us – not use the others’ unattainable bodies to beat ourselves up.