The couple's child will have a unique moniker

Benedict, Harry, Wills, Dwayne, what’s in a name? And how many will Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s RBC (aka Royal baby Cambridge) have?

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge‘s delightful bundle of joy has arrived, the next question is what to call him. We should know that very shortly. But we could try a bit of detective work beforehand…

At least 50 per cent of the possible names have been eliminated now that we know the sex.

Kate and Wills’ baby son’s grandfather is Charles Philip Arthur George. His great uncles are Andrew Albert Christian Edward and Edward Antony Richard Louis (the acronym of which is earl, just in case you forget he’s the Earl of Wessex).

Four names apiece except the Duke of Edinburgh, who is plain Philip, although he has many other titles.

Queen Elizabeth II’s father was King George IV – so naming the baby George would be a wonderful tribute to his great-great-grandfather.

On Kate‘s side, her father’s name is Michael and his middle name is Francis, which would also be fitting. Or her brother James Middleton could inspire.

The Queen has the final say on the baby’s name. She’ll be given the short list for approval before anything’s official. As a devoted Cumberbitch, I favour Benedict.

‘The Queen is so down-to-earth, she’s not likely to jump up and down and say this boy must be called Charles and George,’ according to royal writer Christopher Warwick.

‘This won’t be: “Granny, do you approve?” but more: “We’ve chosen these names – do you like them?” It’s much more of a personal thing these days.’

But I’m sure they’ll stop at four. Names, that is. Unlike Dawn McManus, 41, from Hartlepool, who fundraised after the death of her son and added the names of everyone her charity had helped to her own – 161 words at the time.

‘The longest one on record,’ according to Tina Clough, spokesperson for The Legal Deed Poll Service.

But one of the best uses of names I can think of. As long as you don’t need to worry about passports or credit cards. Maybe less of an identity concern for a Royal.

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