Fashionable facial? I'd freak-out!

We all know celebs have some pretty strange beauty habits (little flesh-nibbling fish to exfoliate your feet, anyone?) but Victoria Beckham’s new skincare regime is the most bizarre yet – she’s apparently putting bird poo on her face.

Yes. On her face.

Apparently pregnant Posh heard about the so-called ‘Geisha Facial‘ on a recent fashion trip to Japan when she spotted some lovely clear-skinned women who’d tried it, and has been hooked ever since.

Available at a trendy New York spa and now in London, the facial is made from a paste of Nightingale droppings, rice bran and water, which is slapped on and then dried off under UV lights.

But while it sounds gross, the facial – which costs around £130 a go – is said to be fabulous, as it leaves your skin all glowing and lustrous thanks to a skin-polishing protein in the poo called guanine.

It’s even supposed to be refreshing and Victoria certainly looks good on it if that is her beauty secret. Manure makes roses grow gorgeously, so maybe there is something in the treatment?

But while I’m a massive fan of Mrs Beckham (and I’m all for trying the latest miracle cream) this just isn’t something I’ll be rushing out to copy.

Also I can only imagine what might happen if the freaky facial filters down to the high street: buying a brilliant VB-style dress in Top Shop or New Look is one thing, enjoying a pigeon-dropping face mask in your local salon is quite another!

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