The moment Kate Middleton snared the most eligible bachelor in the world, our future king of England!

It was the fairytale wedding of the century. Spectacularly grand yet wonderfully intimate and Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s big day moved hundreds of their guests to tears and even made my eyes glisten.

But my heart really melted when Wills caught sight of his bride for the first time and whispered to her: ‘You look beautiful.’

Unable to tear his eyes away from stunning Kate, you could feel the electric atmosphere between them. That’s the attraction. This is THE ultimate love story.

It’s the love story that’s gripped the entire world of how a middle class girl managed to snare the most eligible bachelor in the world. Impressing by anyone’s standards!

But the real reason the nation’s been swept up in royal fever is because like his mum Princess Di, Prince William feels like one of us (apart from squillions in the bank of course!).

We’ve watched him grow up, mourned with him when he tragically lost his mum and today we shared his joy as he married his princess. Yes, we’ve been there every step of the way.

Having definitely inherited Di’s down to earth gene, we can forget the pomp and ceremony usually associated with the royals. After all, we’ve seen pics of Wills half naked dancing on tables with a feather boa!

And proving that it was a thoroughly modern affair, my lasting memory will be the beautiful scenes of Wills driving Kate away from Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin with ‘JU5T WED’ on the number plates!